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Democrats have a great product but not sold it well.  Too many voters do not understand what Democrats stand for.  Too many voters do not know what to believe as the arguments sound like he-said-she-said.  Too many voters have a negative image of Democrats.  Too many voters vote against their best interests, but they do not think they are.

People already voting for Democrats understand that when we help others, it helps everyone.  Our investments in our people are not “giving money to the takers” but creating opportunities that benefit everyone. 

The GOP and Right-Wing (GOP/RW) have convinced too many voters that no matter how much we want to help others, we just cannot afford it.  Democrats give your hard-earned money to the takers.  Democrats want the government to tell you what to do. Democrats take your freedom. Democrats will throw the economy over the cliff leaving nothing for your children.  Some GOP/RW rhetoric paints Democrats as plain evil!

Democrats need to show how what is morally right is also economically smart.  We need to bring more voters to our camp by showing how our public investments do not throw our economy over the cliff and leave nothing for our children, but instead, create opportunities for our people and businesses and are critical for a healthy economy working for everyone and the future.

Fortunately, just a few basic principles, that people already understand, when connected show how what Democrats do creates a Prosperous and Shared economy.  Yes, we do help people by making the investments they need to thrive, but at the same time, we are helping businesses by providing what they need to exist and thrive.  Democrats are not just for the people; we are great for business and a prosperous economy. 

The GOP/RW espouses fiscally conservative policies which cut everything including opportunities for our people and businesses and ultimately benefits the few.  Democrats need to expose the negative impacts of GOP policies on the working class and show how our policies instead benefit the same and are fiscally responsible. 

This site is about adding to the debate how our economy and so on work so that more voters can differentiate between good and bad policies and candidates.  Adding the “how” to the moral and evidence arguments is critical to winning over the full range of voters that should be voting for Democrats.

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