Democrats Maligned

After decades of the GOP and right-wing maligning Democrats, some voters have quite bizarre attitudes about Democrats.  Some voters have been led to believe that Democrats are plain evil!

Democrats on Your Side!

What Democrats stand for and why is quite different than the misinformation.  Based on the fundamentals on what creates and maintains a healthy democracy and vibrant economy that serves everyone, the Democrats are on the right side of the issues.

Set the Record Straight!

Democrats can do a better job explaining how what we do helps everyone.  We can add HOW bottom-up economics works and HOW trickle-down does not work.  We can explain the fundamentals of what Democrats stand for and our economic methods that work for everyone!

What Democrats Stand For


Prosperous and Shared Economy: Democrats stand for a Prosperous and Shared Economy that we should expect in the 21st century!

Basic Public Investments: Democrats support our Basic Public Investments critical for our people, businesses, and economy to thrive.

Valuing All Our Workers: Democrats value all our workers by supporting a livable minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, and workers’ rights.

Health-Care-For-All: Democrats fight for health-care-for-all as not only morally right but economically smart as this is vital for our businesses and a vibrant economy.

Regulations and Services: Democrats support sufficient regulations and services that enable and protect our people, businesses, institutions, economy, and environment while providing a level playing field and opportunities for our people and businesses.

Elections and Office Holders: Democrats support free and fair elections that enable participation in voting and elimination of dark money and corrupting influences on elections and office holders.

Rights and Liberties: Democrats fight for all our rights and liberties by fighting for the rights and liberties of individual groups except for those that espouse intolerance.

Environment: Democrats fight for our environment which our and our descendants’ existence, health, livelihood, safety, and quality of life are dependent.

Government: Democrats stand for smart, efficient, proactive and capable local, state, and national government.

Overall: Democrats fight for what makes a healthy people, environment, and democracy; a vibrant economy; and a stable and civil society that respects the rights and liberties of all citizens now and for the future.

NOTE: The above list is of basic principles. For the list of more specific goals, see the DNC page on the Party Platform.

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