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We just posted our new YouTube videos: How Bottom-Up Economics Works – Part I and How Bottom-Up Economics Works – Part II.  These videos are quick to watch at about 5 and 6 minutes and use sketchy graphics, animations, and sequenced elements to make them easy to follow.

Part I

Part II

Consider what do people need to thrive and what do businesses need to exist and succeed.  To thrive, people need health care, education, infrastructure, research, safe communities, community development, and safety nets.  Most businesses do not exist without healthy and educated employees, without infrastructure, without research, without safe communities, without community development, and without safety nets.  The necessary conditions for people and businesses are these Basic Public Investments (BPI’s).

Bottom-up economics consists of three elements: Our Basic Public Investments, plus Valuing All Workers, plus a Fair System.  This video focuses on the BPIs but overviews the importance of Valuing All Workers, and a Fair System.

The videos show how the BPIs create and save more tax revenue than cost but how cuts to our BPIs kill more tax revenue than save.  Our BPIs are vital for our people and businesses to thrive and are fiscally responsible!

Bottom-up economics is not about socialism but does enable capitalism. Socialism would mean nationalizing our industries and taking your businesses and property.  Investing in what our people and businesses need to thrive enables capitalism!

By fully understanding and supporting basic public investments, valuing all workers, and a fair system; we can create the prosperous and shared economy that we should expect in the 21st century.

by Karl Smith

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