Democrats Need to Sell the Brand!

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Democrats have a great product but do not sell it well.  Conversely, the Republican Party has a terrible product but sells the heck out of it.

The Grand Old Party has done an amazing job at branding it to be good for the economy and simultaneously branding the Democrats as horrible.  Far too many voters voting their wallet will not vote for a candidate with a ‘D’ by the name.

The GOP sells messages that sound good to many voters.  For example, the party says the GOP gives more money to the job creators, gets government out of the way and so on.  The GOP sells messages that Democrats “give your hard-earned money to the takers,” throw the economy over the cliff and more.  

Democrats say their policies are good for the economy but have never explained how except it puts money into the bottom of the economy that gets spent quickly.    

Democrats support policies necessary for people to thrive, for businesses to succeed, for a prosperous and shared economy, for caring for the environment, and for a better future. To accomplish these goals, Democrats support what I call Basic Public Investments (BPI), Valuing-All-Workers (VAW) and Sufficient Regulations (SRs).   These simple principles are the foundation of a positive economic message for Democrats to directly counter Republican rhetoric to win over more of the voters who are not persuaded by the morality arguments.

By Karl Smith

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