Rigged versus Enabled Capitalism

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The GOP claims it supports Capitalism and free markets.  It will work for everyone since a rising tide floats all boats!  Actually, what the GOP supports is a Rigged and Predatory Capitalism that works mostly for the few.  People without boats or with un-seaworthy boats, drown or spend all their time just trying to stay afloat!  Robert Reich, in his book Saving Capitalism, overviews the various methods that the GOP’s brand of Capitalism rigs the system against most of us. 

At the same time the GOP brands what the Democrats do as Socialism!  Instead, what Democrats do (although they have not explained it well), is enable Capitalism to work for all Americans! 

Socialism is the nationalization of our industries and taking away our ownership of businesses and property!  That is not what the Democrats do!

Both Democrats and the GOP are Capitalists, period!  The question is which form of Capitalism is likely to continue and expand the American Dream and a Prosperous and Shared Economy and America that we should expect in the 21st century.

Consider the fact that most of our businesses do not exist without healthy and educated employees, without infrastructure, without research, without safe communities, without community development, and without safety nets.  These are our Basic Public Investments (BPIs) which our people and businesses need to thrive and pay for through our local, state, and national government.  Not everything we need as individual people or businesses can be purchased individually.

The Democrats’ Capitalism creates the conditions for not only our people to thrive but our businesses to exist and prosper.  And our BPIs pay for themselves unlike trickle-down, tax cuts for the rich. 

The GOP’s Capitalism works for the few creating vast income inequalities and too frequently not in ways where the rich earned it.  The GOP’s Capitalism is crony, rigged, predatory, unethical, unstable, and unsustainable. 

Democrats will increase our Basic Public Investments to make Capitalism work for all Americans, but the GOP will cut these investments leaving more of us to struggle.

by Karl Smith

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