Prosperous & Shared Economy

After WWII, as a Nation, we deliberately created the conditions where the prosperity of most of our people rose with the prosperity of the nation.  We created a strong middle class and consumer base that built the most powerful economy in the world.  However, over the last several decades the GOP has been undermining those conditions and the prosperity is shifting to the wealthy leaving many of our citizens behind.

Some in the GOP / Right-Wing are deliberately manipulating voters to benefit the wealthy at the expense of everyone else.  Many others in the GOP/RW honestly believe that free-enterprise virtually alone creates widespread prosperity.  However, there are plenty of the wealthy, our corporations and other businesses that understand the vital roles that our government, public investments, regulations, and government services play to create the conditions for our people, businesses, and economy to thrive.

To truly unleash our potential as individuals and as a nation and create a level of prosperity for all that has not yet been seen in the world, we need more voters to understand what creates the necessary conditions for this outcome.  Our shared prosperity will not be accidental but because we caused it to happen.  As voters, we need to know the difference between good and bad policies, candidates, and officials. Knowing the difference is knowing a few fundamentals of our economy.


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