Prosperous AND Shared Economy

Terms, Concepts & Phrases

There are some terms, concepts, and phrases that we can make commonly understood.  This language forms the fundamental argument behind our specific policies. We can highlight the common thread showing voters how Democrats are fighting for them no matter where they live or what they do.  Arming voters with these concepts allows them to distinguish between good or bad policies or candidates.  Arming our base energizes them and makes them better advocates.  The more we use these concepts and phrases, the faster we change the national debate to include how we work to help all Americans.

  • Prosperous and Shared Economy (that we should expect in the 21st century)
  • Necessary conditions for people to thrive
  • Necessary conditions for businesses to exist and prosper
  • Basic Public Investments (BPIs)
  • Investing in what our people need to thrive, and what our businesses need to exist and prosper is not socialism, it enables free enterprise and a vibrant economy.
  • Value All Workers (VAW): Livable Minimum Wage, Equal Pay for Equal Work, and Workers’ Rights
  • Customers with money
  • Speed of money in the economy
  • What triggers business investment? >> Customers with money!
  • The wealthy are risk averse and have few immediate needs. They invest & spend slowly.
  • Sufficient Laws, Regulations and Services (SLRS)
  • Our BPIs:
    • infrastructure, education, health, research, safe communities, community development, and safety nets.
    • create opportunities for our citizens and businesses. Not government telling us what to do!
    • put significant money at the bottom of the economy where it is spent quickly.
    • create necessary conditions for people to thrive and businesses to exist.
    • trigger business investment.
    • create a feedback loop that creates customers with money, tax revenue, and pulls in business investment.
    • have stimulus in the short term and payback over months, years, and decades from healthy and educated citizens, infrastructure, research, safe communities, community development, and safety nets.
    • pay for themselves by creating and saving more tax revenues than cost. Our BPIs ultimately create a profit for taxpayers!
    • are morally right and economically smart!


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