Prosperous AND Shared Economy

The Right Debate:
What speeds or slows money in the Economy

The GOP believes that their tax cuts are going to expand (speed up) the economy creating more tax revenue to pay for the cuts.  The CBO says that it will add another trillion plus dollars to our national debt over the next ten years.  Since the new tax plan eliminates incentives for various industries which results in the loss of jobs in the impacted industries, and the new tax plan does not create many people or businesses with more money that spend and invest quickly, the cuts most likely slow and shrink the economy instead of creating a stimulus effect.

With lower tax rates and therefore less tax revenue, the second gut punch to the economy will be the GOP pushing for further cuts to our BPIs instead of raising taxes.  Cuts to our BPIs will also slow the economy creating fewer customers with money and fewer tax revenues.  The GOP plan will transfer more wealth to the wealthy, increase our national debt, and create a downward cycle sending the economy into another recession or worse.  The GOP plan does not have much stimulus effect for the cost and does not have the long-term benefits and multipliers of our BPIs.

We should debate how our methods work or it just sounds like he-said-she-said to many voters.


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