Prosperous AND Shared Economy

Our Basic Public Investments (BPIs)

Our Basic Public Investments (BPIs) are in education, health care, infrastructure, research, safe communities, community development, and safety nets. Our BPIs create necessary conditions for prosperity.  Our people need education and health care, infrastructure, research, safe communities, community development, and safety nets to thrive. Most of our businesses do not exist without educated and healthy workers, without infrastructure, without research, without community development, without safe communities, or without safety nets.  

Individual businesses or people do not independently create these necessary conditions, but we do so collectively through our local, state and federal governments.  Collectively paying for our Basic Public Investments is not socialism or government telling you what to do, it is creating the necessary conditions for our people and a free market economy to thrive.  The GOP tells us that government cannot do anything right!  The reality is that our past substantial public investments created the opportunities for our citizens and businesses to thrive.  The reality is that our businesses do not even exist without ALL our BPIs.  The reality is that our local, state and federal governments do a lot right!

Our BPIs are we-the-people investing our tax money in America and Americans, and we are great investments!  Our BPIs in the short-term speed up and expand the economy creating jobs, customers with money, and more tax revenues.  With more customers with more money, businesses hire and expand creating more customers with money and more tax revenues, and the cycle continues. This positive feedback loop has the multiplier effect of pulling in business investment. Then over months, years, and decades, our BPIs create long-term paybacks in not only economic prosperity, but tax revenue as well.  Our BPIs are key to creating the tax revenue surplus to pay down our national debt.  Our BPIs are fiscally responsible, economically smart, and morally right.  Our BPIs create opportunities for all our citizens from our poorest to richest, for all our businesses from smallest to largest, and put money in every community across the United States from rural to urban.

Think of where we would be today without these past BPIs… just another 3rd world country and economy.  A strong commitment to our BPIs today will ensure a prosperous country for us and the next generations.  Democrats understand that it is only by creating the necessary conditions for us to thrive, that our people and businesses thrive.  Our BPIs put American ingenuity and free enterprise on steroids!


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