Prosperous AND Shared Economy

Basic Points

Explaining HOW what Democrats do helps everyone!

Economic Policies that are commonly called “Bottom-Up Economics”
    are GOOD for business—from Main Street to Wall Street!
    are GOOD for our people—they increase our opportunities!
    are GOOD for our economy—expand economy and ultimately drive down debt!
A Prosperous AND Shared Economy is created by Basic Public Investments (BPIs), Valuing All Workers (VAW), and Sufficient Laws, Regulations and Services (SLRS)
Our Basic Public Investments (BPIs) are in: Education, Infrastructure, Health, Research, Safe Communities, Community Development, and Safety Nets
• Our People need ALL our BPIs to Thrive: People need education and health, infrastructure, research, safe communities, community development, safety nets, and good wages to thrive!
• Businesses need ALL our BPIs to Exist and Especially Thrive: Businesses need educated and healthy employees, infrastructure, research, safe communities, safety nets, and customers with money not just to thrive, but to exist!
• Our BPIs pay for themselves! Our BPIs Create & Save more Tax Revenue than Cost and Expand the Economy
    Our BPIs are Not Fiscally Conservative
      • Conservatives just cut everything–including our opportunities
    Our BPIs are Fiscally Responsible
      • SHORT TERM: BPIs put money at the bottom of the economy where it is spent quickly creating both more customers with money and tax revenues. With more customers, businesses hire and expand creating more customers with money and tax revenue. This behavior creates a positive feedback-loop speeding-up money and expanding the economy generating local, state, and federal tax revenues quickly reducing the cost of the investments.
       • LONG TERM: BPIs also create and save tax revenue over months, years, and many decades from educated and healthy people, infrastructure, and the rest of our BPIs.
            • ADDITIONAL SAVINGS: Taxpayers save from less dependence on safety nets, less police and legal costs, and less costs from eliminated problems.
            • MULTIPLIER: Businesses invest (hire and expand) when there are more customers with more money which is a multiplier effect on our BPIs creating additional tax revenues paying back taxpayers.
• Our Basic Public Investments Create Opportunities for our People and Businesses (as opposed to government telling us what to do!)
VAW (Value All Workers OR Valuing All Workers) means a livable minimum wage, equal pay for equal work, and worker’s rights.
            • Morally right: VAW creates opportunities and improves the quality of life for people.
            • Economically smart: VAW creates customers with money vital to businesses, a strong middle class, and a vibrant economy. VAW decreases dependence on safety nets and has other economic benefits.
SLRS (Sufficient Laws, Regulations and Services) enable and protect our people, businesses, institutions, economy, and environment while providing a level playing field and opportunities for our people and businesses.
Our Consumer Base is created by our BPIs and VAW. In a 75% consumer based economy, we-the-people are the job creators.  Our spending creates opportunities for businesses which then create opportunities for the people.  We all win!
GOP BPI cuts and depressing worker wages have been pushing many of us backward over the last several decades. Too many of our citizens struggle and it is unnecessary.
We need to increase our BPIs and VAW to create the prosperous and shared economy we should expect in the 21st century.
The Past: Where would we be today if after WWII we did not build the interstate highway system and invest in our other BPIs and not improve worker’s wages. We would be a 3rd world country with 75% of our citizens in poverty.
Our choice:
            • Vote for Democrats to invest in the necessary conditions for our people and businesses to thrive and to value all our workers to create the economy that works for everyone!
            • Vote for the GOP to cut taxes and the investments in the necessary conditions for our people and businesses to thrive to drive us further toward the unstable economy that works for the fewer and fewer.


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