Prosperous AND Shared Economy

Explaining What Democrats Do
Helps All Americans

Democrats know that when we help others, we help everyone including ourselves.  We have local, state, and federal government invest in education, health, research, safe communities, and community development.  We know that these investments are not handouts to the takers, but instead create the critical opportunities for our citizens and businesses to thrive.  Democrats understand that valuing all our workers is not only morally right but also creates customers with money vital to the viability of our businesses and a vibrant economy.  Democrats have been fighting for policies that create prosperity for all our citizens which we refer to a Bottom-Up Economics.

The GOP has been fighting against these policies believing in Trickle-Down where just cutting the taxes on the wealthy and big business will create prosperity for those that work hard.  The GOP pushes to cut our public investments claiming that we just need to get government out of the way and the free market will create prosperity.  Getting government out of the way and giving more money to the “job creators” seems like a sensible approach and some voters have bought into this belief.

However, past evidence shows us that Bottom Up Economics works and Trickle-Down Economics does not work.   The evidence wins over some voters.  To win over more voters, we must not only point to the evidence, but we also must explain how our investments create prosperity for everyone and how GOP policies have caused the struggles of too many Americans.


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