Prosperous AND Shared Economy

Key Points

The following points fight back on the GOP’s claim of creating a strong economy and explain how Democrats fight for policies that help everyone including those that feel left behind.

Key messages are around these points:

• Smart, Proactive, and Effective Local, State and National Government
• In the 21st Century, we should Expect a Prosperous-AND-Shared Economy!
• What Creates a Prosperous and Shared Economy?
o Value All Workers (or stated as “Valuing All Workers” depending on context) (VAW)
o What our People Need to Thrive
o What our Businesses Need to Exist and Succeed
o Our Basic Public Investments (BPIs)
o Sufficient Laws, Regulations and Services (SLRS)
• Investing in What our People Need to Thrive and our Businesses Need to Exist and Succeed is not Socialism, it Enables Capitalism!
• Democratic Policies are Morally Right AND Economically Smart!
• What Creates an Unstable Economy that Works for the Few?
o The GOP Three-Step
o The Bush-GOP vs the Trump-GOP
o Things can look pretty good if we ignore the Trump-GOP’s trillion-dollar a year deficit and not investing in what does pay back!


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